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UL 924-Listed Exit Signs

Photoluminescent Fail-Safe EXIT Signs Listed to UL Standard 924

  • Non-Electric.
  • Non-Radioactive.
  • Activation: 5-foot candles fluorescent illumination on sign face for 60 minutes.
  • Legible Viewing Distance: From 50 feet 90 minutes after all light has been extinguished.
  • Life Expectancy: 20+ Years depending on wear & tear & environmental conditions.

DuraGlow® Designer-Preferred Acrylic EXIT Signs

  • Material:  Durable ⅛ inch thick Acrylic.
  • Styles: Screen-printed Red or Green text on Glowing background.
  • Directional Chevrons: Screen-printed or Peel & Stick for field application.
  • Formats: Single & Double-Faced.
  • Mounting Options:
    • Single-face flat surface or bracket mount.
    • Double-face with flag or ceiling mount bracket.

Aluminum EXIT Signs

  • Construction: Photoluminescent material bonded directly to All-Aluminum body.
  • Styles: Glowing EXIT Letters & Chevrons on RedGreen or Brushed Aluminum face.
  • Directional Chevrons: 2 adjustable chevrons included with each sign face.
  • Formats:  Single & Double-Faced.
  • Mounting Options:
    • Single-face flat surface or frame mount.
    • Single & Double-face Box Frame with flag or ceiling mount bracket.

"The SUMA system worked flawlessly when the lights went out and was particularly helpful in the enclosed underground corridors where United Nations staff members easily followed the glowing SUMA signs and pathway markers, evacuating the building in an orderly manner."

Claudio Santangelo – Officer in Charge United Nations Plant Engineering Section, FMD