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UL 924-Listed Exit Signs

Photoluminescent Fail-Safe EXIT Signs Listed to UL Standard 924

  • Non-Electric.
  • Non-Radioactive.
  • Activation: 5-foot candles fluorescent illumination on sign face for 60 minutes.
  • Legible Viewing Distance: From 50 feet 90 minutes after all light has been extinguished.
  • Life Expectancy: 20+ Years depending on wear & tear & environmental conditions.

DuraGlow® Designer-Preferred Acrylic EXIT Signs

  • Material:  Durable ⅛ inch thick Acrylic.
  • Styles: Screen-printed Red or Green text on Glowing background.
  • Directional Chevrons: Screen-printed or Peel & Stick for field application.
  • Formats: Single & Double-Faced.
  • Mounting Options:
    • Single-face flat surface or bracket mount.
    • Double-face with flag or ceiling mount bracket.

Aluminum EXIT Signs

  • Construction: Photoluminescent material bonded directly to All-Aluminum body.
  • Styles: Glowing EXIT Letters & Chevrons on RedGreen or Brushed Aluminum face.
  • Directional Chevrons: 2 adjustable chevrons included with each sign face.
  • Formats:  Single & Double-Faced.
  • Mounting Options:
    • Single-face flat surface or frame mount.
    • Single & Double-face Box Frame with flag or ceiling mount bracket.

"SUMA’s constant attention to each detail from building surveys, estimating, and IBC 2009-compliant photoluminescent product specifications, through delivery and installation oversight, were exemplary and contributed significantly to the resounding success of this Government occupied building project."

Greg Havalchak – Project Engineer James G. Davis Construction Corp.